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Good business writing requires more than just good grammar.

When you write well you effectively communicate your message, which leads to more business opportunities, respect from your peers and customers, confidence in you and your teams’ abilities, and a reduction in costly mistakes. Our business writing courses teach you and your staff a structured approach to writing clear, effective, professional business documents, including email, memos, letters, and reports.

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What Is the Best Business Writing Course That Will Teach You How to Improve Your Business Writing?

After decades of teaching business people how to write clear, effective professional writing, the Business Writing Center has identified the best practices that produce high-quality business documents. We know what makes the best quality business writing course. Below are the components you should expect and the business writing skills courses that exhibit these components.

A Quality Business Writing Course Must Teach the Best Practices for Business Writing

A high-quality business writing course must contain the best practices we know are necessary to write clear, concise, well-organized business email, memos, letters, reports, and other business writing. The training must include the following:

  • How to write to have maximum impact on the specific readers
  • Correct letter, memo, and report formats
  • How to decide what to put in the document
  • Ways to avoid writer’s block and make beginning the writing easy
  • How to introduce the content so writers are on the same page
  • How to structure the business writing to ensure readers can follow it easily
  • How to use lists, tables, and visuals optimally
  • How to write clear, active sentences readers understand easily
  • How to choose vocabulary that communicates clearly
  • How to write a polished, correct final draft
  • How to avoid common grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and word usage problems

The Best Business Writing Course Must Have an Instructor Who Evaluates Your Writing and Coaches You through Revising It

Learning to write clear, effective business documents requires a writing coach who reads your assignments and examinations, comments on your writing strengths and weaknesses, helps you revise your business writing, and ensures you are learning the skills taught in the lessons. The writing instructor must have a background in writing training, preferably with advanced degrees in writing and experience in teaching business writing at a university. The ideal instructor has had experience teaching in a college of business.

The senior instructor at the Business Writing Center, for example, has 40 years of experience in teaching writing, has written two textbooks in business writing, and has taught communications in a college of business.

The Business Writing Training Should Allow You to Learn at Your Own Pace without Having to Be in a Writing Class with Others

The best business writing training allows you to go through course lessons at your own pace, reading course lessons and completing assignments and examinations as you can fit them into your work schedule. If you need to take off time from study, the course should be flexible enough to allow you to do that.

Writing classes have been shown to be less effective in writing training because each individual does not receive the attention and needed training. Business writers have differing needs in writing: organization, overcoming writer’s block, writing concisely, writing clearly, avoiding grammar problems, learning how to proofread, and a great variety of other needs. In an online business writing course, the instructor can help the writer with any area of weakness the writer has.

The Ideal Business Writing Course Gives You the Amount of Training You Want, Considering Your Time Available for the Training

A writing-training program must have a variety of offerings so you can choose the training that will fit your time schedule and the depth of training you want to have. The Business Writing Center’s courses are examples.

Business Writing Skills self-study

If you want to study on your own, this self-study course has course materials you can go through them anytime you want, on your own with no instructor.

Business Writing Essentials – A short course with just the essentials

If your time is limited and you want just the essential business writing skills while receiving evaluations and coaching from an instructor, the Business Writing Essentials course is a good fit. It teaches the essential best practices for professional writing with three writing examination practice documents your instructor will evaluate, write extensive notes on, show you how to revise, and ensure you’re learning the skills in the online lessons. We recommend taking the Basic Grammar Essentials with the Business Writing Essentials course to cover both writing and grammar. You can read about the Basic Grammar Essentials course at You can read about the Basic Grammar Essentials course at

Business Writing Skills – A longer course with practice assignments and examinations

The Business Writing Skills course contains 12 practice assignments and four writing examinations. They allow the instructor to identify special skills you may need to learn and ensure you are learning them from the course lessons or coaching. You can read about the course at

Explicit Business Writing with Additional Training – An MBA-level course

The Business Writing Center developed this course in cooperation with an MBA program to teach all the business writing best practices to a level of mastery that graduates could teach a course in business writing. It uses the book written by the instructor of the course and includes a variety of practice emails, letters, memos, and short reports. You can read about the course at