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Customized Business Writing Skills

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Save 10% off each course when you enroll in two or more courses. See suggested combinations below for our most popular combinations.

Save 10% off each course when you enroll in two or more courses. See suggested combinations in the right column for our most popular combinations.

Customized writing coaching and tutoring can give you the writing skills you need.

A shared high quality of communication is one of the marks of an efficient and successful company. But teams are made of individuals with different skills and aptitudes. How can you get everyone working at the same high standard?

The Business Writing Center will collaborate with you to create a customized course that draws on our entire catalog of courses. We can build a training for you, your company, or anyone on your team who needs to get up to speed.

Course Highlights

  • A full course devoted to teaching you the specific skills you need
  • Tutoring and coaching
  • Focusing on the special writing you normally do
  • All the best of all the courses in one course
  • Attention to you and your writing from your own instructor

Course Description

After an initial consultation, our instructor will identify your training needs and build a hand-tailored course based on the writing skills you or your employees need. If you wish, the course can focus on writing a specialized document. Our instructor will analyze the documents you want training on and draw from the Business Writing Center's 45 courses as needed.

You approve the syllabus before the training begins. The Business Writing Center will also work with your human resources or training department to develop a course for onboarding employees.

This customized course uses existing lessons taken from Business Writing Center courses. You may also have the Business Writing Center create a course with new materials that fit your training needs and use your company's documents as examples. In order to create a course with new material, we must consult with you and give you a bid for the development.

After the Center develops the course for the first trainee, it is available to other employees in the company for a tuition of $395 per trainee.

When You Complete This Course...

  • You will create a company-wide standard for successful communication and make high-quality written work into a shared asset.
  • Their writing will become stronger and more consistent across the board.
  • Your employees' writing will more accurately reflect your company’s high standards and professionalism.

How It Works


Your instructor gives you links to training materials that teach the skills you or your employees need, answer any questions, evaluate mastery of the skills, and show trainees how to apply what they learn to daily business writing.

Work Online

The training materials are online. You have access to all of them when you register.

Set Your Own Pace

Trainees work at their own pace and submit assignments when they are ready. You don’t have to be online with other students or perform activities at specific times.

Instructor Feedback

Our instructor evaluates all activities and examinations, coaches trainees through learning the skills, and gives personalized feedback on what they are doing well and what still needs polish. Trainees can contact our instructor at any time if they have questions about business writing or the English language.


When you finish the course within four months, you will receive a graduation certificate.

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Suggested Combinations

This course and Basic Grammar Skills Tutorial

One-on-one grammar training customized just for you, without wasting time on skills you don’t need.

Add both to cart $981.00 Save $109.00

This course and Business Writing Skills

Our fundamental writing course for clear, effective, professional business documents.

Add both to cart $891.00 Save $99.00

Dr. Hogan

Writing Coaching by Dr. Robert Hogan

Dr. Hogan has been training writers for 40 years in universities, colleges of business, consulting companies, and professional writing companies.

Learn more about Dr. Hogan.

Course Features

Course Materials: Online

Certificate upon Completion: Yes

Instructor Feedback: Yes

Letter of Recommendation: Yes

Lesson Count: Customized to you

Practice Activities: Customized to you

Exams: 15 writing evaluations

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