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Adult learners need writing training that fits their needs and their lifetime of experiences. After writing business documents for decades, business people forget much of what they learned in freshman English or college of business professional writing classes. At the same time, most business writers have picked up some bad habits others in the office have been using.
As a result, business writing classes for professionals must have an instructor dedicated to each businessperson’s writing training. The training must be focused on specific areas of writing, and the instructor must evaluate the person’s writing, find where improvement is needed, and coach the person through revising the document.
The ideal writing training is online, so the writing class can be taken from anywhere. The writing training must happen over time, without requiring the businessperson to be online at any specific time or meet with a group. One-day or two-day business writing workshops with a group of people cannot teach business writing.

Online General Business Writing Classes

The ideal online general business writing class teaches the best practices for business writing that apply to all professional writing. Then it must provide opportunities to practice writing emails, memos, letters, and reports. This writing training for professionals requires assignments to practice individual skills as well. An instructor dedicated to the businessperson’s training must then evaluate the assignments and examinations to help them learn the skills to mastery.
Recommended online writing classes
General Business Writing Skills

Online Email Writing Classes

The best online business email class teaches the best practices for writing clear, persuasive professional email. It should include writing several emails to practice email writing skills. A dedicated instructor will then read the emails, evaluate how they show mastery of the best practices, and coach the businessperson through revising them so they become emails readers appreciate and respond to.
Recommended online writing classes
Writing Effective Workplace Email
Writing Support Email Cours

Coaching and Tutoring Professional Writing

Coaching and tutoring writing is the most effective way for a businessperson to learn how to create high-quality professional writing. It requires a writing coach with decades of experience in teaching writing classes, preferably with some background as a faculty member in a college of business. The writing coach must be available for writing coaching and tutoring when the businessperson completes a document and is ready for the evaluation and training. Communication may be by phone or through email. Professional writing coaching is best done over time, with repeated drafts of business documents to make them ideal examples of business writing that has an impact on readers.

A business grammar and ESL class for nonnative speakers of English requires that the instructor evaluates samples of writing, identifies needs in language and grammar, shows the businessperson how the writing should be changed, and teaches the language and grammar rules that make correct professional writing. The adult needs individualized writing training rather than ESL classes.

Recommended online coaching and tutoring courses
Coaching and Tutoring in Professional Writing

Online Letter Writing Class

A business letter-writing class must contain best practices for formatting a business letter or sales letter and the skills required for writing business letters that have an impact on the reader and are notable for being clear, concise, and professional. The class must teach the businessperson how to guide readers through the message so the letter will be understood and acted upon. It should then focus on the professional writing methods for writing good news and bad news letters, informative letters, request letters, and persuasive letters. The online letter writing course should end with training in how to proofread business letters.

Recommended online writing classes
Online Writing Class for Business Letters

Online Report Writing Class

The style and form of business reports vary from company to company and discipline to discipline, but the core principles and best practices for writing business reports are the same. The business report writing class should teach the businessperson to write clear, well-structured reports that will be useful in the businessperson’s specific line of work. The course must teach how to communicate information clearly and confidently so readers understand the value of the information and analysis.

In the area of online technical writing courses and technical writing certification, the training must teach the skills that enable the person learning the technical writing skills how to introduce the subject, present data and analyses, report on conclusions, and write recommendations when appropriate. A technical writing course must include practice in actually writing technical reports that are evaluated by an instructor. The instructor must then coach the businessperson through revising the technical writing and producing a final, polished document. At the end, graduates must receive a technical writing certificate.

Recommended online writing classes
Online Report Writing Classes
Online Technical Writing Course

Online Language, Usage, and Grammar Courses

Courses teaching language, grammar, and usage, including ESL classes, are of two types: survey courses and individualized courses. The survey business grammar courses have lessons that teach the major rules of business writing grammar. They should have pre-tests and post-tests to let the businessperson know how well they are doing in the course. The individualized business grammar and ESL courses must focus on the businessperson’s writing. There must be an instructor who evaluates samples of business writing, identifies skills the person needs, shows the businessperson how to correct the writing, creates assignments that will teach the skills, and ensures that there is as much writing coaching as the person needs to master the skills. Adult learners need individualized ESL coaching rather than ESL classes with a group of trainees.

Recommended online writing classes
Online Language, Usage, and Grammar Courses
Online ESL Courses