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Despite the transition to email and communication apps, business letter writing is still essential.

We use business letters to communicate something too important or too formal for an ordinary email or app message. You may be unsure of the standards and formats for business letters. This course takes the mystery out of business letter writing and teaches you how to produce clear, sophisticated letters.

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Best Business Letter Writing and Sales Letter Writing Courses

Letter writing has come to have a less prominent role in business communication with the advent of electronic media. However, it has an important role to play in communicating important information and motivating customer actions. The ideal letter-writing course teaches how to communicate clearly and appeal to the reader so the letter accomplishes its purpose. Learning the best practices for witing business letters and sales letters can give your letters the clear, professional quality you want them to have. Two of the best business letter-writing courses are the Writing Effective Business Letters course and Writing Sales Letters that Sell course.

Writing Effective Business Letters

The Writing Effective Business Letters course teaches the best practices we know result in letters that are clear and persuasive. In this course, you will learn when it’s appropriate to write a business letter, what formats and salutations to use, what to include, and how to write a compelling conclusion. You will understand what to include in your letters, what to leave out, and how to clarify your composition process so that you accomplish what you want with this key business tool. You will know how to modify business letter templates for different uses: to convey good or bad news, make announcements, or submit requests.

When you enroll, you will have access to all the online lessons and training materials. Each lesson builds on the lessons that precede it. The materials offer clear explanations for every part of your training and plenty of real-world examples of how to apply the skills you are learning. You will go at your own pace and send assignments to your instructor as you finish them. Your instructor will review your letters and coach you through revising them so you apply the skills taught in the course and end with the quality of letter you must have to make your letters successful. When you finish, you will receive a graduation certificate. You can read about this letter-writing course at

Writing Sales Letters That Sell

This sales-letters course teaches methods that have been refined by sales professionals over the years. When you learn the methods, you will be able to write more quickly and successfully. You will know the techniques that stimulate the reader's interest and engage the reader in your explanations. You just need to learn the methods.

The Writing Effective Sales Letters course will teach you how to write letters that motivate potential customers to act by understanding the customers’ needs and desires. Good sales copy is not a matter of simply communicating a message to the potential customer. It moves the person to feel the excitement and conviction of the writer and to want the product or service the sales person is promoting.

Central to writing effective sales letters is having the sales mentality, which links the sales letter writer to the potential customer so intimately that both move to the same rhythm.

This course uses three books:

  • A sales-letter book that is has a practical approach to understanding the reader and purpose
  • A book that focuses on writing letters in general to customers when sales are always an issue
  • A direct-sales book that teaches the skills of writing direct mail that has impact

You can read about this sales-letter writing course at