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You may learn better through one-on-one instruction and customized course content.

When you enroll in one of our coaching courses you will start by completing an initial writing assessment. Your instructor will review your assessment and craft a course plan that is uniquely targeted to your writing strengths and weaknesses. Coaching courses include extensive tutoring, one-on-one instructor access, and detailed feedback.

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What You Should Expect from Online Business Writing Coaching

The most effective method of learning the best practices for business writing is to have an experienced writing coach review your writing and help you learn skills you need to make your writing clear and professional. The skills you need to write high-quality business documents are unique to you. You may need help with language, grammar, and usage. You may want to write persuasive documents readers respond to with action and understanding. You may just want to take your writing to the next level of expertise. Writing coaching with a highly competent writing coach will focus on your writing needs so you learn the skills you want and need.

You Must Have a Qualified, Experienced Writing Coach Working with You

You must have a dedicated writing coach with considerable experience in working with business people to improve their writing. A background in teaching in a college of business is ideal. Coaching writing requires an understanding of the best practices for business writing, the ability to teach the skills, and years of experience in helping business people improve their writing.

The business writing coach for the Business Writing Center is Dr. Robert Hogan, who has over 40 years of teaching writing, including teaching writing in a college of business. Dr. Hogan has also taught at the high school, college, community college, and graduate school levels, so he is able to teach business people whose skills are still at a high school level through those who are proficient and just need to polish their writing.

Your Writing Coach Must Focus on Your Writing

As you went through your early schooling and later college or other advanced work, you learned a unique set of writing skills. During that time, you missed learning other skills or forgot what you learned in writing classes. Most of the writing instruction you received was not oriented toward the special requirements of business writing. Your writing coaching must be focused on identifying the skills you never learned or have forgotten and teaching you those skills.

You Must Be Able to Work at Your Writing As You Have Time

You must be able to structure your work at learning to improve your writing around your schedule. You must be free to decide when to study the writing skills and submit writing samples. You need to be able to learn over time, as you are able to devote the time to the course.

Your Writing Coach Must Train You in the Unique Skills You Need

You should not be in a class with others who have their own sets of writing skills to learn. Business people benefit little from listening to lectures and participating in lessons all other participants are going through. Also, classroom teaching of writing has been shown in research to be ineffective at teaching writing skills. Just as tennis-playing cannot be taught in a classroom without focused training on the player’s technique and practice on the court, learning business writing skills cannot happen without individual writing coaching over time by a qualified business writing coach.

You Must Write Full Emails, Letters, or Reports and Receive Feedback on Them

During the ideal writing coaching experience, you must write full documents such as emails, letters, and reports. Your writing coach needs the full documents to help you with all the writing skills you need to learn, including organization, composition, style, sentence structure, word usage, and grammar. Your writing coach must read your documents, write extensive tutorial notes on them, and coach you through understanding how your writing must change and how you can do it. You should then be helped to revise your document to make it into high-quality professional writing. You should have access to your writing coach at any time by email or phone to talk about your writing and business writing in general.

The Business Writing Center offers the following writing coaching courses that satisfy these requirements.

One-on-One Coaching in Writing Quality Business Documents

In this coaching experience, you will have your own writing coach with experience as a professor of business writing in a college of business who will read samples of your writing, show you your strengths and weaknesses, and coach you as you write business documents to teach you the writing skills you need to write highest-quality professional business documents. You will be able to speak with your writing coach on the phone or correspond via email about any of the business writing you are doing in your current position. You will have access to lessons and examples from all 45 of the Business Writing Center’s catalog of courses.

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Basic Grammar Skills Tutorial – Focusing on Language and Grammar

The Basic Grammar Skills Tutorial is a writing tutorial course in which your instructor will evaluate samples of your writing, identify usage skills you need to learn, show you the errors you make consistently, teach you how to correct them, give you assignments to help you learn the rules, and coach you through learning any usage rules you might need help in applying. The areas of usage the course focuses on are English language, grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and word usage.

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Individualized Writing for Nonnative Speakers of English – Teaching Language, Grammar, Punctuation, Word Usage, and Sentence Structure

The Individualized Writing for Nonnative Speakers of English is a writing tutoring course focusing on the special needs of a nonnative speaker of English. In this course, your instructor will evaluate samples of your writing and identify language and grammar skills you need to learn, especially those nonnative speakers often have difficulty with. Your instructor will show you the errors you make consistently, teach you how to correct them, give you assignments to help you learn the rules, and coach you through learning any grammar rules you might need help in applying.

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Writing Coaching for Executive Nonnative Speakers of English

Executive nonnative speakers of English need focused, individualized work on composition of business documents as well as language, grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, and sentence structure. This course includes it all. In this course, you will give your writing coach examples of the writing. Your writing coach will evaluate your writing for structure, organization, clarity, and writing quality as well as language, grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, and sentence structure. You will receive writing coaching in the skills you need to help you achieve mastery.

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Coaching through Writing Actual Documents – Teaching You Skills You Need As You Write Your Business Documents

In this course, your writing coach will read documents you’re writing as part of your normal work activities, including emails, memos, letters, reports, and other business documents. Your coach will show you how to revise the documents so they are high-quality, professional business writing and teach you the skills to change the documents so you are able to use the writing skills on your own in future documents.

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