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Explicit Business Writing with Additional Training

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Save 10% off each course when you enroll in two or more courses. See suggested combinations below for our most popular combinations.

Save 10% off each course when you enroll in two or more courses. See suggested combinations in the right column for our most popular combinations.

A thorough, MBA-level business writing course.

Do you want your business writing to reflect your abilities and professionalism? Take this in-depth business writing course to get the guidance you need to master business writing. Improve your writing and communication skills to make a good impression on everyone you reach.

This thorough business writing course was developed for an MBA program. It is taught by Dr. Robert Hogan, director of the Business Writing Center and past professor in two colleges of business. You study Dr. Hogan’s book, Explicit Business Writing: Best Practices for the Twenty-First Century.

Course Highlights

  • Your instructor will be the author of the book used in the course
  • This in-depth course teaches all the business-writing skills Includes many practice documents you receive coaching on
  • Includes practice business writing you receive coaching on
  • Learn how to write confidently, without blocks to your writing
  • Learn how to write clear, well-written sentences
  • Learn to write concise, well-organized business documents
  • Learn to choose the correct business vocabulary

Course Description

The Explicit Business Writing with Additional Training course is our most comprehensive and in-depth business writing course. This competency-based course teaches the best practices professionals must master to write clear, effective, professional business documents, including email, memos, letters, and reports.

The course includes a free copy of Dr. Hogan’s textbook. Dr. Hogan will evaluate your work and coach you through mastering business writing skills. He teaches a structured approach that will make writing easier, ensure your writing is clear and professional, and guide your readers through your content.

When You Complete This Course...

  • You will be able to write clear, well-organized business documents your readers will easily understand.
  • You will know how to find the right balance between too much and too little in your business writing and between too casual and overly formal writing.
  • You will be able to avoid the easily corrected errors that can make you look ill-prepared.
  • You will understand the best practices for writing high-quality, professional business writing.

How It Works

Work Online

When you enroll, we give you access to all the online lessons and training materials. Each lesson builds on the lessons that precede it. We offer clear explanations for every part of our training and plenty of real-world examples of how to apply the skills you are learning.

Set Your Own Pace

You go at your own pace and submit assignments when you are ready. You don’t have to be online with other students or perform activities at specific times.

Instructor Feedback

Your instructor evaluates all your work, coaches you through learning the skills, and gives you personalized feedback on what you are doing well and what still needs polish. You can contact your instructor at any time if you have questions about your training, business writing, or the English language.


When you finish the course within four months, you receive a graduation certificate.


Included in the course price, you receive a copy of Dr. Hogan's textbook, Explicit Business Writing: Best Practices for the Twenty-First Century.

Course Outline

  1. Have clear objectives.
  2. Provide information that suits the reader's knowledge of the subject, educational background, technical expertise, need for concrete explanations, and need for depth of knowledge.
  3. Include everything every intended reader needs to achieve your objectives.
  4. Respond to requests by providing precisely what the person asked for under the conditions specified.
  5. Give readers the information they need at the specific points where they need it for maximum understanding.
  6. When readers have differing needs or abilities, write different versions or sections of the document to match the readers' needs and abilities.
  7. Present topics in the same order throughout and link all the contents in each part.
  1. In emails, letters, and memos, write thanks, commendations, and genuine statements of good will that build teams and partnerships with clients.
  2. Present the information with consideration for the reader's possible reaction to the subject and you.
  3. Use the tone and level of formality that fit the objectives and the reader.
  4. Ask for and give feedback on the clarity and relevance of documents and writing.
  1. Write email subject lines using words that alert the reader to the contents, required action, or critical information in the email.
  2. In the introduction, explain everything readers need to know to understand fully why they are receiving the document.
  3. In the introduction, describe all actions the reader is expected to perform and any critical information the reader must know.
  4. Summarize conclusions and recommendations at the beginning.
  5. Write a clear statement of the contents at the end of the introduction so readers know what to expect and can prepare for reading.
  1. Put the information into clearly defined blocks that the reader can read, understand, and remember, one block at a time.
  2. For each information block, write an explicit opening statement the reader can use to begin putting the block's details into a framework.
  3. For lists with items that are each several paragraphs or pages long, open the lists with statements of the contents and open each list item with a description of the item's contents.
  4. For lists with items that are a few lines long, break out the lists with numbers and bullets.
  5. Present information in a clear visual blueprint so readers can see the organization as they read.
  6. Use tables to organize the information so readers can place the details into a clear framework.
  7. End the document with a conclusion that helps readers achieve your objectives.
  8. Include feedback loops that reflect the importance of the content and your assessment of the likelihood this reader will understand or act as expected.
  1. Write concrete, detailed descriptions of problems and issues.
  2. Write requests that state directly, unambiguously, and completely what you are requesting.
  3. Use key terms consistently.
  4. Fully explain the concept behind every new key term as the reader encounters it.
  5. Have a clear focus for the document and for each part.
  6. Communicate technical subjects clearly to non-technical readers.
  7. Write instructions and procedures that are complete and concrete.
  8. Provide sufficient, relevant evidence for statements.
  1. Write concisely.
  2. Write clear, focused, organized paragraphs that help readers identify, understand, and remember concepts.
  3. Write sentences that are complete, simple, clear, and straightforward.
  4. Use only simple punctuation.
  5. Use words every intended reader will understand.
  1. Polish and proofread all documents.
  2. Use formatting that makes the text easy to read.

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Dr. Hogan

Writing Coaching by Dr. Robert Hogan

Dr. Hogan has been training writers for 40 years in universities, colleges of business, consulting companies, and professional writing companies.

Learn more about Dr. Hogan.

Course Features

Course Materials: Online

Certificate upon Completion: Yes

Instructor Feedback: Yes

Letter of Recommendation: Yes

Lesson Count: 39

Practice Activities: 39

Exams: 10

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