Email Quality Assurance Checklist

The Business Writing Center has developed the following Email Quality Control Checklist for businesses to distribute freely to employees. The checklist contains the 16 best practices we know result in clear, effective business email. When all business people in a company write emails that display the best practices, the business will run more smoothly and productively, writers will spend less time writing email because the best practices give a structure to the process, and readers will spend less time trying to figure out the purpose and content of email before being able to act on it. An explanation of the best practices follows the checklist.

You may download an Acrobat copy of the checklist:

Download the Checklist

The Subject Line Will Have an Impact on the Reader
You Know What You Want from the Reader
You Have the Right Content to Get What You Want
You Have the Right Amount of Content to Get What You Want
The Reader Knows What the Email Is About at the Outset
The Reader Knows What to Do with the Contents of the Email
Actions and Critical Information Are Prominent
The Email Is Clearly Formatted Like a Blueprint
Sections Are Clearly Identified and Introduced
Sentences Are Clear and Easy to Understand
Paragraphs Break the Content into Information Packages
Lists Are Displayed and Presented Clearly
Key Words Appear Consistently
The Vocabulary Is Easy for these Readers to Understand
The Email Ends with Critical Information, Actions, and Contact Information
The Email Contains Feedback Loops for Critical Information and Actions

These best practices are taught in the BWC350 Writing Effective Workplace Email course.

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