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Save 10% off each course when you enroll in two or more courses. See suggested combinations below for our most popular combinations.

Save 10% off each course when you enroll in two or more courses. See suggested combinations in the right column for our most popular combinations.

This email course will teach you the best practices for writing clear business email.

Email should say everything that needs to be said, and nothing that doesn’t, and give the reader a clear understanding of what needs to happen next. There's a method for writing effective and useful email; this course teaches you how. In this email writing course you'll learn how to write clear, effective emails by studying on your own.

It is a self-study course, so we will not track your progress and you will not receive a graduation certificate.

Course Highlights

  • Self-study with all the best practices for writing effective email
  • Learn to write clear business emails that readers respond to
  • Learn the best practices for writing email readers appreciate
  • Learn how to guide readers through your message
  • Learn to write so clearly you cannot be misunderstood
  • Learn to choose the correct business vocabulary

Course Description

This email writing course teaches you how to write clear, well-organized email that has the impact you want, motivates your readers to respond as you expect, and accomplishes your business objectives. It presents a highly-structured approach to writing email that you can apply to all business email. It is self-study, so you go through it at your own pace.

If you want instructor feedback and tracking your progress, you should register in the Writing Effective Workplace Email course.

When You Complete This Course...

  • You will have a firm understanding of how to write email that gets things done and gets the response you want from your readers.
  • You will write emails more confidently and quickly.
  • You will increase company productivity by communicating efficiently and establishing a clear record of thoughtful exchanges that everyone can refer to as needed.
  • You will understand how to avoid frustrating your colleagues and clients with clumsy emails that waste your time and theirs.

How It Works


This is a self-study course. You work through your lessons on your own, without the aid of an instructor.

Record Keeping

If you select the “Record Keeping” option, we track your progress and submit a report to your administrator upon completion of the course.

Work Online

When you enroll, we give you access to all the online lessons and training materials. Each lesson builds on the lessons that precede it. We offer clear explanations for every part of our training and plenty of real-world examples of how to apply the skills you are learning.

Set Your Own Pace

You go at your own pace. You don’t have to be online with other students or perform activities at specific times.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Know What Is and Is Not Appropriate

Lesson 2: Use Short, Clear Sentences and Simple Punctuation

Lesson 3: Write Concisely

Lesson 4: Avoid Clumsy Phrases, Complex Vocabulary, and Stiff Language

Lesson 5: Format for Readability

Lesson 6: Proofread Your emails

Lesson 7: Write a Clear, Meaningful Subject Line

Lesson 8: Write an Informative Beginning

Lesson 9: Focus: write enough but not too much.

Lesson 10: Use Headings, Generalizations, and Paragraphs

Lesson 11: Write a Cordial, Informative Conclusion

Lesson 12: Follow Up

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Suggested Combinations

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This course and Individualized Writing for Nonnative Speakers of English

A customized tutorial that starts with an evaluation of your writing and then coaches you through personalized training.

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Dr. Hogan

Writing Coaching by Dr. Robert Hogan

Dr. Hogan has been training writers for 40 years in universities, colleges of business, consulting companies, and professional writing companies.

Learn more about Dr. Hogan.

Course Features

Course Materials: Online

Certificate upon Completion: No

Instructor Feedback: No

Letter of Recommendation: No

Lesson Count: 12

Practice Activities: 0

Exams: 0

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