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Writing Successful Business Proposals

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Save 10% off each course when you enroll in two or more courses. See suggested combinations below for our most popular combinations.

Save 10% off each course when you enroll in two or more courses. See suggested combinations in the right column for our most popular combinations.

Write business proposals that get results.

How do you translate your ideas for your proposal into a persuasive and actionable business proposal that maximizes your chances of landing the client? Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. This course will train you to understand your potential client’s perspective, write to their needs, and follow best practices for crafting compelling business proposals that get results.

Course Highlights

  • Learn to write business proposals that get results
  • Learn the methods of finding out what will influence readers
  • Write practice business proposals as you learn
  • Receive extensive notes and coaching from your instructor
  • Learn how to write all the parts that must be in business proposals

Course Description

This course teaches the skills required to prepare successful business proposals for potential customers or clients. We start by teaching you the structure of a business proposal as a series of actions into which you insert persuasive information about your product or service. We then teach you how to transform your drafts into clear, effective, and polished documents . This course stresses the competitive nature of proposals and the need to think from the perspective of the readers and decision-makers you’re writing for.

You practice writing the essential parts of a business proposal and produce at least one complete proposal during the course. If you have a draft proposal you are currently working on, you can use it as a case study as you work through the lessons.

When You Complete This Course...

  • You will know how to set your readers up to say “yes,” by following the established patterns they expect to find in a proposal.
  • You will understand how to make your reader’s job easier by producing proposals that are clearer, more succinct, easier to navigate, and thus easier to digest and accept.

How It Works

Work Online

When you enroll, we give you access to all the online lessons and training materials. Each lesson builds on the lessons that precede it. We offer clear explanations for every part of our training and plenty of real-world examples of how to apply the skills you are learning.

Set Your Own Pace

You go at your own pace and submit assignments when you are ready. You don’t have to be online with other students or perform activities at specific times.

Instructor Feedback

Your instructor evaluates all your work, coaches you through learning the skills, and gives you personalized feedback on what you are doing well and what still needs polish. You can contact your instructor at any time if you have questions about your training, business writing, or the English language.


When you finish the course within four months, you receive a graduation certificate.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Your orientation toward proposals

Lesson 2: Analyzing the potential customer or client

Lesson 3: Analyzing RFPs and opportunities

Lesson 4: Developing strategies for producing a successful proposal

Lesson 5: Writing the introduction

Lesson 6: Writing the project description

Lesson 7: Writing the qualifications, costs, and benefits

Lesson 8: Getting to the table

Lesson 9: Revising the writing

Lesson 10: Special techniques

Lesson 11: Format and appearance

Lesson 12: Producing the finished document

Lesson 13: Evaluations and reviews

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Dr. Hogan

Writing Coaching by Dr. Robert Hogan

Dr. Hogan has been training writers for 40 years in universities, colleges of business, consulting companies, and professional writing companies.

Learn more about Dr. Hogan.

Course Features

Course Materials: Online

Certificate upon Completion: Yes

Instructor Feedback: Yes

Letter of Recommendation: Yes

Lesson Count: 13

Practice Activities: 13 steps of writing an actual proposal

Exams: 13 drafts

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