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Save 10% off each course when you enroll in two or more courses. See suggested combinations below for our most popular combinations.

Save 10% off each course when you enroll in two or more courses. See suggested combinations in the right column for our most popular combinations.

Learn basic business grammar in this online grammar class

Even the smallest mistake can undermine your message and incline your readers to disregard what you are saying. You may speak English well but still find that mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage lessen the impact of your writing. Take this online business grammar class to make sure your message gets through and your ideas get the hearing they deserve.

Course Highlights

  • Self-study so you can learn on your own as you have time
  • A concise survey of all the basic English grammar rules
  • Orientation toward proofreading for all the common errors
  • Includes writing strong, active-voice sentences
  • Learn how to proofread business writing so you find your errors
  • Training in language, grammar, spelling, word usage, and sentence structure

Course Description

The grammar course takes you through a comprehensive review of the English grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, and sentence structure you need for business writing. We start with an evaluation to assess your skills and end with a similar exam so you can see how much you’ve learned. Past experience tells us most students improve their scores dramatically. You go through the grammar class at your own pace, when you want to study.

When You Complete This Course...

  • You will have learned the grammar principles and rules that are most applicable to business writing.
  • You will be able to identify common grammar errors and fix them in your own business writing.

How It Works


This is a self-study course. You work through your lessons on your own, without the aid of an instructor.

Record Keeping

If you select the “Record Keeping” option, we track your progress and submit a report to your administrator upon completion of the course.

Work Online

When you enroll, we give you access to all the online lessons and training materials. Each lesson builds on the lessons that precede it. We offer clear explanations for every part of our training and plenty of real-world examples of how to apply the skills you are learning.

Set Your Own Pace

You go at your own pace. You don’t have to be online with other students or perform activities at specific times.

Course Outline

Course Pre-test

Lesson 1: Proofreading Principles

Lesson 2: Using Active Voice

Lesson 3: Omissions, Additions, Typos

Lesson 4: Number Accuracy

Lesson 5: Transposition Errors

Lesson 6: Abbreviations

Lesson 7: Word Division

Lesson 8: Number Expression

Lesson 9: Capitalization

Lesson 10: Commas

Lesson 11: Other Punctuation

Lesson 12: Special Punctuation

Lesson 13: Spelling

Lesson 14: Confusing Word Pairs

Lesson 15: Subject/Verb Agreement

Lesson 16: Pronoun Agreement

Lesson 17: Using Defined Terms Consistently

Lesson 18: Formatting Correctly

Course Post-test

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Dr. Hogan

Writing Coaching by Dr. Robert Hogan

Dr. Hogan has been training writers for 40 years in universities, colleges of business, consulting companies, and professional writing companies.

Learn more about Dr. Hogan.

Course Features

Course Materials: Online

Certificate upon Completion: No

Instructor Feedback: No

Letter of Recommendation: No

Lesson Count: 18

Practice Activities: 0

Exams: 20

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