Using Microsoft Word to Create Business Documents

Course Lessons

Lesson 1. Formatting
Lesson 2. Paragraph Formatting with Indents
Lesson 3. Working with Styles
Lesson 4. Section and Page Breaks
Lesson 5. Working with Tables of Contents
Lesson 6. Headers and Footers
Lesson 7. Tables
Lesson 8. Page Layout
Lesson 9. Numbered and Bulleted Lists
Final Examination
Download the examination

Course Description

This course teaches the skills essential to using Microsoft Word for business writing. The lessons use online training materials. For each lesson, you will submit activities showing you have mastered the Microsoft Word skill taught in the lesson. Your instructor will evaluate your activities and coach you through learning any skills you have difficulty with. You will graduate after you show your skills in using Microsoft Word in a final examination. You will receive a graduation certificate. As you go through the course, you will see explanations of skills and examples. You must use each skill as you read about it. Using the skill is necessary for you to remember how to use the skill so you can apply it when you need to do so later. You will come to evaluations of your understanding. Complete the evaluations in Word and submit them attached to emails addressed to In the subject line, specify the lesson you are working on. If you have questions as you go through the course, contact us at or call 800 827-3770 (309 452-2831 outside of the U.S.).