Lesson 1: Formatting Marks

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As with all the lessons in this course, you must go through every step in the procedures using Word to learn the skill so it is available to you from memory when you need to use it.

To see the tabs and other text-formatting marks in the document select the (paragraph) symbol on the Paragraph section on the Home tab.

To choose which formatting marks you see, select them in Word Options. To open the options dialog, click on the File tab and choose Options. Under Display, you will see the formatting options.

For example, if you want to turn off all the formatting marks except paragraphs and spaces, select only those two and turn off all or individual formatting marks in the Paragraph section.

Formatting marks don’t show up in the final, printed document. You can turn them on or off as needed.

Try it out on your computer. There are no assignments for you to turn in for this portion of the lesson.

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