Lesson 1: The Ribbon Menu

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As with all the lessons in this course, you must go through every step in the procedures using Word to learn the skill so it is available to you from memory when you need to use it.

The row of options across the top of the Microsoft Office products is called the “ribbon.”

The Ribbon is further subdivided into tabs (Home, Insert, Design, and so on) and each tab is further broken down into sections (Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, and so on).

Each of these sections can be expanded by clicking the small arrow in the lower right corner.

For example, click on the arrow on the Font section to open the “Font” dialog window.

While some menus open to dialogs, others show panes that slide out from one side of the screen. Also, if you use a computer with a lower-resolution screen and need more screen real estate, you can click the small arrow to the very far lower-right corner of the Ribbon.

This will cause the Ribbon to collapse, giving you more vertical space to work with. To show the Ribbon again, click on a tab name and it will spring back into view.

You can also collapse and uncollapse the Ribbon by clicking with the right mouse button on the lowest area of the Ribbon or row where the Ribbon should be. You will see these options:

Click on Collapse the Ribbon to collapse and uncollapse it.

You may also quickly hide and unhide the Ribbon by typing CTRL + F1.

Try these activities on your computer. Open dialog boxes for the sections. Collapse and uncollapse the Ribbon.

There are no assignments for you to turn in for this portion of the lesson.

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