Learn Important Writing Aids in This Microsoft Word Course

Online Microsoft Word Class

Most business writers use Microsoft Word like a typewriter. However, Word is a powerful composing and publishing tool that will revolutionize your business writing. You can use it to improve your writing, identify errors, format your text with a keystroke, give consistency to your documents, and just generally make your writing easier, more polished, and more professional. This course teaches the most useful of Word’s capabilities.

This online Microsoft Word training course teaches the skills essential to using Microsoft Word for business writing. The lessons have online training materials in how to use Microsoft Word. For each lesson, you will submit activities showing you have mastered the Microsoft Word skill taught in the lesson. Your instructor will evaluate your activities and coach you through learning any skills you have difficulty with. You will graduate after you show your skills in using Microsoft Word in a final examination. You will receive a graduation certificate.

As you go through this online Microsoft Word training class, you will see explanations of skills and examples. You will use each skill as you read about it. Using the skill is necessary for you to remember how to use the skill so you can apply it when you need to do so later.

You will come to evaluations of your understanding of how to use Microsoft Word that your instructor will use to be sure you are learning the skills. Your instructor will then coach you through the Microsoft Word training. You go through the course at your own pace with instructor feedback on each lesson.

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Microsoft Word Training Lessons

This Microsoft Word class has the following lessons:

Lesson 1: Formatting – the ribbon, formatting marks, using the Office clipboard, formatting fonts, and setting tabs

Lesson 2: Paragraph Formatting with Indents – the paragraph dialogue box, paragraph alignment, paragraph spacing, indenting paragraphs, line and page breaks

Lesson 3: Working with Styles – creating and maintaining styles

Lesson 4: Section and Page Breaks – creating section and page breaks

Lesson 5: Working with Tables of Contents – creating tables of contents

Lesson 6: Headers and Footers – setting up headers and footers

Lesson 7: Tables – creating tables

Lesson 8: Page Layout – setting up the ruler and measurement units, setting up the page

Lesson 9: Numbered and Bulleted Lists creating numbered and bulleted lists

Each of the lessons contains Microsoft Word training to teach you the most essential and useful of Word’s capabilities.

Features of the Course

One of the most important features this online Microsoft Word class teaches is how to make use of the styles function for formatting. As much as Word makes it easy to format text, if you need to apply formatting effects on the entire document, the process becomes tedious. Word solves that through Styles. Microsoft Word Styles allows you to define a set of formatting commands and apply them automatically to every line of text in the document with that style, such as headings, lists, paragraphs, and single letters.

This online Microsoft Word course will also teach you how to format your business documents as professional publications and ensure your business writing is correct and polished. You will learn how to

  • Use devices such as tables to present your information clearly
  • Set up and indent paragraphs
  • Set tabs, headers, footers, page numbering, margins, and other formatting
  • Use typography and formatting for words that make your writing clear
  • Create perfect spacing of paragraphs, pages, and sections
  • Create paragraph and section breaks
  • Place running headers at the tops of your documents
  • Have Word make a table of contents for you with correct page numbers
  • Create numbered and bulleted lists
In this online Microsoft Word class, you will learn how to use Word to streamline your writing work and make your business documents professional publications.    
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