What Courses Should I Take to Become a Professional Writer?

Many an aspiring writer has fallen into the trap of thinking an English Literature degree will open doors to a writing career. In fact, this can be a time-consuming and costly error. These programs are wonderful resources to develop critical thinking and interpretative skills around literature. They’re a good pathway for those pursuing a career in academia as well. As for writing skill development, these students most often learn how to put together a basic essay template and fill in the blanks for upwards of tens of thousands of dollars in tuition fees, likely creating debt that is very difficult to get out from underneath as a writer. To achieve a better return on educational time and monetary investment, professional writing courses can help those who are keen to write dive straight into the heart of what it takes to build a successful writing career.

This includes developing the necessary skills writers require to turn in quality work and learning the ins and outs of the professional business writing world, all while meeting tight deadlines that keep clients coming back for more.

When your vision drives you to roll up your sleeves to put in the practical hard work to kickstart your professional writing career, at the Business Writing Center, we understand. That’s why we’ve developed an array of writing courses that work individually, and in combination, to support writers of all levels to do their best work.

Grammar & Usage Courses

Without a strong foundation that includes proper English grammar and usage, a successful professional writing career may not be on the horizon. Excellent grammar tells our readers that we have put in the work to understand the conventions of great writing, and we possess that detail-oriented nature that drives us to care strongly about getting it right. The skills and reassurance a writer gains from professional writing courses on grammar and usage deliver confidence that will see them take on their workload with ease while they earn respect and loyalty from colleagues and clients alike.

Professional writers know that even the slightest grammatical, punctuational, or usage-related errors are distracting. When these errors pop up, the reader is less likely to keep reading or trust that the writer grasps the subject. The Business Writing Center’s Editing and Proofreading courses ensure writers – introductory and experienced – have the sharpened skills to identify spelling, grammar, and punctation errors while elevating language, sentence structure, word usage, organization, and formatting to get the message across most effectively for their readers.

Professional Business Writing Courses

The Business Writing Center’s variety of professional writing courses provide any writer the chance to scale up their writing and client services by instilling the foundations of this genre of writing, as well as by sharing insider expert tips and techniques. It’s all about learning the most effective and clear communication to get the message across for your own organization or the clients you’re serving.

Whether you need to master the foundational skills or seek ways to strengthen and expand your skillset, The Business Writing Center’s professional writing courses offer a structured and integrated approach to writing clear, effective, and professional business documents.

Editing & Proofreading Courses

In today’s world of budget cuts and instant demand for content, a professional writer absolutely must have strong editing and proofreading skills when it comes to polishing their own work. The Business Writing Center’s professional writing courses on editing and proofreading give writers the best-practice guidelines to identify any issue before their readers or clients see it. It’s important to us that our fellow writers don’t sell themselves short by underestimating the importance of editing their own work as they go –especially prior to any assignment submission. Our editing and proofreading courses develop writers’ skills to compose well-structured, error-free documents that earn the respect and trust of their readers. Professional writing courses have never been so accessible to aspiring and developing professional writers. The Business Writing Center is here to support all our fellow writers in creating the successful writing career they’ve always dreamed of. Our experienced instructors teach and fine tune all the expected skills today’s writer must possess through expert coaching, in-depth lessons, effective exercises, valuable feedback, and insider tips and best practices. Don’t wait to take the next step to elevate your professional writing career.

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