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Use This Simple Method to Identify and Fix Writing Errors

Email Proofreading Skills Proofread So You Identify All Errors in Your Emails Correctness is important in writing emails: It ensures you are sending the message you wanted to send. It lets readers know you are careful, detailed oriented, and on top of things. It shows readers you are educated and intelligent. If you send out emails that consistently has errors in them, your team members, managers, clients, and vendors will judge you harshly: they’ll believe […]

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Best Email Writing Courses Teaching Professional Email Skills

These email courses teaching the best practices for writing clear, effective business email are available from the Business Writing Center. The writing faculty of the Business Writing Center have created the courses using the best practices our research and training have shown result in high-quality, professional business emails. Writing Clear, Effective Email Course–Self-Study (BWC35) Business email writing course for self-motivated learners who don’t want instructor coaching and training Email writing training teaching email writing that […]

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What Courses Should I Take to Become a Professional Writer?

Many an aspiring writer has fallen into the trap of thinking an English Literature degree will open doors to a writing career. In fact, this can be a time-consuming and costly error. These programs are wonderful resources to develop critical thinking and interpretative skills around literature. They’re a good pathway for those pursuing a career in academia as well. As for writing skill development, these students most often learn how to put together a basic […]

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What are Courses in Business Writing and Why are They Important?

Communication is a critically important part of any type of job in any industry. In order to get ahead, you must know how to communicate clearly with your co-workers, clients, and the public.  Whether you are new in an industry or an experienced professional, your ability to communicate effectively directly affects your career. Fortunately, you can improve your business communication skills by taking one or more courses in business writing. You can quickly and efficiently […]

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Three Basic Principles That You Will Learn in Technical Writing Class

Technical writing is not something that comes easily to most people. Being able to clearly communicate technical information in a well-written format that makes logical sense is a learned skill. The best way to learn how to become a great technical writer is by taking a technical writing class like the ones offered at The Business Writing Center.   Three Basic Principles Taught in Technical Writing Class When you take a technical writing class taught […]

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How Can Writing Workshops Improve Writing Abilities?

From the aspiring writer to the most experienced professional, the biggest mistake we can make is to stop learning and practicing. Whether we require a solid foundation around the basics of business writing, or we’ve hit a wall and need a fresh take and some inspiration, professional development is a must. At the Business Writing Center, we’re proud to have expert business writer and 40-year-experienced writing trainer Robert Hogan, PhD. as our online business writing […]

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