Business English Writing Training

Write an Effective Email in Response to a Request

Introduction to This Email Writing Training In this lesson, you will learn how to write an email in response to a request from someone. To write a successful response email, Give the readers what they want, under the conditions they specify. Identify the key terms in the request and use them in the response. Let the requester’s words guide your response. Identify what the reader wants by looking at the words the writer uses. Then, […]

Write a Successful Request Email

Introduction to This Email Writing Training You can write request emails so the reader responds with what you want, as you want it, every time. Write the request email using strategies that will ensure you receive what you need, when you need it. Training Writing a Successful Request Email: Activities Locate two request emails you have written. Evaluate them by answering these questions: Do you explain what led up to your request? Do you state […]

Write an Email Describing a Business Problem

Introduction to This Email Writing Training When you write an email describing a business problem you’re experiencing, your goal is to solve your problem as quickly and successfully as possible. You can write an email that results in a solution to your problem without having to go back and forth with details. This lesson explains how you can get a solution to your problem after one email. Training Write a Clear Description of a Business […]

Writing Clear, Effective Business E-mail

Introduction to the Writing Clear, Effective Email Video Course Corporations are awash in email messages. The sheer number of messages means that emails must be written more clearly, concisely, and carefully than other business writing. Otherwise, they’ll be ignored, skimmed, or misunderstood. The more corporations rely on email as a primary source of communication, the more critical the need for everyone to write clear, effective emails. However, emails came into being as a grass-roots phenomenon […]

Write a Compelling Persuasive Email

Introduction to This Email Writing Training This training video explains how to write an email intended to persuade the reader. You write an email to persuade when you want the reader to perform some action, believe some point, or otherwise be persuaded to act or believe as you expect. It may be that you want a budget increase, the use of additional work-space, a new software program, or any of the many other actions that […]

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Course Listing by Tuition Six courses are self-study, with no instructor coaching or training. The remaining 39 courses all have instructor feedback and coaching. You will take the courses from anywhere in the world, when you have time. Course materials are online or in books we assign. After you graduate, you receive a graduation certificate with our gold seal on it for framing. Six Courses with No Instructor Coaching or Training $49 tuition BWC21 Business […]