Writing Clear, Effective Email

All courses except the self-study courses have instructor feedback and coaching. You will take the courses from anywhere in the world, when you have time. Course materials are online or in books we assign. After you graduate, you receive a graduation certificate with our gold seal on it for framing.

Syllabus: BWC350 Writing Clear, Effective Workplace Email

  • Teaching the best practices for writing clear, effective business email
  • PhD business college instructor
  • Extensive feedback and coaching
  • Clear, easily understood lessons
  • Five emails for writing examinations the instructor will evaluate comment on
  • Seven practice emails
  • Dozens of interactive exercises

The Writing Effective Workplace Email course will teach you how to write clear, well-organized email that has the impact you want, motivates your readers to respond as you expect, and accomplishes your business objectives. It presents a highly structured approach to writing email that you can apply to all email and memos.

You will read the core lessons teaching you how to write email that produces results. As you read the lessons, you will write and submit emails. Your instructor will evaluate the emails, commenting on your use of all writing skills as well as those taught specifically in the online email writing course.

The materials contain many examples and easy-to-understand explanations. It is self-pacing, so you decide when to work. You send assignments to your instructor attached to an email. Your instructor will evaluate your writing, comment on how well you have learned the skills, and coach you through learning any skills you haven’t mastered.

Course Content

  • Lesson 1: Know What Is and Is Not Appropriate
  • Lesson 2: Use Short, Clear Sentences and Simple Punctuation

Write an E-mail for Instructor Feedback and Coaching

  • Lesson 3: Write Concisely
  • Lesson 4: Avoid Clumsy Phrases, Complex Vocabulary, and Stiff Language
  • Lesson 5: Format for Readability
  • Lesson 6: Proofread Your E-mails

Write an E-mail for Instructor Feedback and Coaching

  • Lesson 7: Write a Clear, Meaningful Subject Line
  • Lesson 8: Write an Informative Beginning

Write an E-mail for Instructor Feedback and Coaching

  • Lesson 9: Use Headings, Generalizations, and Paragraphs
  • Lesson 10: Write a Cordial, Informative Conclusion

Write an E-mail for Instructor Feedback and Coaching

  • Lesson 11: Write Enough but Not Too Much
  • Lesson 12: Follow Up

Write an E-mail for Instructor Feedback and Coaching

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