Write Clear Sentences and Words

Introduction to This Email Writing Training

Write clear sentences and words. Business writing is a way of conveying to the reader what you would say if you were with the reader. It should be simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. This lesson teaches you how to use clear sentences and words.


Write Clear Sentences and Words: Activities

Locate two emails you have written that are a half-page to one-page long. Evaluate the words and sentences by answering these questions:

  1. Do you address the reader directly using “I” and “you”?
  2. Are the sentences short, simple, and easy to read?
  3. Do many sentences contain one idea and few contain more than two ideas?
  4. Does the writing contain complete sentences, with no run-on sentences and no fragments?
  5. Do most of your sentences start with the subject and verb?
  6. Do you have all the words in your sentences, including in lists, with no dropped articles and other short words?
  7. Do your sentences avoid interrupting the flow of the sentences with words in the middle?
  8. Do you use the same simple, everyday words you would use if you were speaking?
  9. Do you avoid words such as “regarding,” “utilize,” “multiple,” “as per,” “endeavor,” “attached please find,” “kindly advise,” and “present moment”?
  10. Do you use key terms consistently, without changing them.

How would you change your emails after reading this lesson?