Write an Effective Email in Response to a Request

Introduction to This Email Writing Training

In this lesson, you will learn how to write an email in response to a request from someone.

To write a successful response email,

  1. Give the readers what they want, under the conditions they specify.
  2. Identify the key terms in the request and use them in the response.

Let the requester’s words guide your response. Identify what the reader wants by looking at the words the writer uses. Then, put the requester’s actual words into your response and ensure you have given the reader what he or she wants under the conditions specified.


Write an Effective Request Email: Activities

Locate two emails you have written in response to requests for information. Answer the following questions:

  1. Do you use the request words in the subject line?
  2. Do you remind the reader about what he or she requested?
  3. Do you state clearly what is in the e-mail?
  4. If the requester asked for answers to questions, do you state the requester’s questions as the requester wrote them, in bold as headings?
  5. Do you use the requester’s interest or need key terms throughout the explanations.
  6. Does your response address the person’s request precisely. 

How would you change your emails after reading this lesson?