Write an Email Describing a Business Problem

Introduction to This Email Writing Training

When you write an email describing a business problem you’re experiencing, your goal is to solve your problem as quickly and successfully as possible. You can write an email that results in a solution to your problem without having to go back and forth with details. This lesson explains how you can get a solution to your problem after one email.


Write a Clear Description of a Business Problem: Activities

Locate two emails you have written describing a business problem you were having that you need the reader’s help in solving. Answer these questions about the emails:

  1. If the reader could feel blamed, do you start with a buffer to reduce the possibility your explanation will be rejected?
  2. Do you explain the background of the problem?
  3. Do you state the problem, including all the concrete details?
  4. Do you avoid generalized statements, meaning statements without detail that require explanation for the reader to know what you mean?
  5. Do you state the action you want from the reader?
  6. Do you state your recommendation if you had one?
  7. Do you state your next action?

How would you change your emails after going through this lesson?