Write a Compelling Persuasive Email

Introduction to This Email Writing Training

This training video explains how to write an email intended to persuade the reader. You write an email to persuade when you want the reader to perform some action, believe some point, or otherwise be persuaded to act or believe as you expect. It may be that you want a budget increase, the use of additional work-space, a new software program, or any of the many other actions that the reader can perform for you if you’re successful in persuading the reader to your point of view.


Write a Compelling Persuasive Email: Activities

Locate two emails you have written to persuade the reader to do or believe something. Answer these questions about the emails:

  1. Do they have appealing subject lines using something of importance to the reader?
  2. Do they open with a hook that is important to the reader?
  3. Do they state the action you want.  Leave this until later if you need to build the case first?
  4. Do they build the case?
  5. Do they motivate the action?
  6. Do they include a timeline?
  7. Do they end with something that matters to the reader?

How would you change your emails after going through this lesson?