Organize Your Email

Introduction to This Email Writing Training

Organize your email so the reader understands the message and responds as you expect. Poorly organized e-mail is frustrating to the reader and results in confusion or miscommunication. Well-organized e-mail ensures the reader receives your message in a flow that will increase the reader’s understanding and impress the reader with your ability and organization.


Organize Your E-mail: Activities

Organize your e-mails so you present the information clearly and logically. Look at two of your e-mails that are a half-page to one-page long. Do your e-mails have the following?

  1. A salutation
  2. Context or background if appropriate
  3. Statement of the contents of the e-mail
  4. Breaks for each of the sections
  5. An organization you have chosen to present the points clearly
  6. Paragraphs to organize the blocks
  7. Broken out lists instead of lists in paragraphs
  8. Ordinals if you have parts in a sequence
  9. A closing with a summary of the important point or action
  10. A cordial ending
  11. Your contact information