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Good business writing requires more than just good grammar. When you write well you effectively communicate your message, which leads to more business opportunities, respect from your peers and customers, confidence in you and your teams’ abilities, and a reduction in costly mistakes. You must choose a business writing class that teaches you and your staff a structured approach to writing clear, effective, professional business documents, including email, memos, letters, and reports. This guide explains
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Use paragraphs in your business emails to make your message clear. This article explains how to write paragraphs in emails. You can apply the same skills to writing paragraphs in reports and letters. Paragraphs Help Your Reader Stay on Track Readers are taking in your message word by word as though they were riding along in a car to the destination you want them to arrive at. You are telling them where to go as
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This lesson is from the online Business Writing Center email training course, Writing Effective Workplace Email. It explains how to write an email introduction that will ensure the reader understands what is in the email, why it is important, and what to do next. The lesson is taken from the Business Writing Center email course Writing Effective Workplace Email. Learn more about the course. . . The Importance of the Email Introduction The beginning of
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Write Concise Emails

Posted by bwcpublications on  December 23, 2021
When you “decide” rather than “make a decision,” you’re using one word in place of three. When you say “Please register” instead of “Please sign up at the registration desk,” you are using two words instead of seven. Using fewer words makes your writing clearer and saves time. The explanations in this article are from the Business Writing Center email course, Writing Effective Workplace Email. Learn more at this link Use Simple, Short Wording Examples
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You can write clear, effective email all readers will understand by following two simple guidelines: Use short, clear, complete sentences Use simple punctuation This article explains how to place use these guidelines in your business email writing. 1. Use Short, Clear, Complete Sentences Always use simple, straightforward sentences. Avoid complex sentences and constructions. Some business writers think that using simple language is “dumbing down” the text to the lowest level and that the explanations lose
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Email Course Fundamentals

Posted by bwcpublications on  September 19, 2021
Email Course Fundamentals Effective email training in a quality email course can enhance your daily performance and opportunities for advancement. Email writing might seem as an afterthought in today’s fast-paced business climate, but don’t underestimate the positive impact email writing can have. A good email tells your readers what they need to know and demonstrates that you respect their time and attention. It shows them you’re efficient and careful. Effective email writing says everything you
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Lesson from the online Business Writing Center email training course, Writing Effective Workplace Email Learn more about the course. . . Format Emails for Readability Competencies This lesson teaches the following competencies: Write email using message blocks. Divide the email into paragraphs averaging around five to seven lines long. Always separate lists into bulleted or numbered lists unless they are very short Organize the message blocks. Use upper and lower case as you would in
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Email is the primary mode of communication in businesses today. As a result, emails present the image others in the company have of you. You will be regarded as organized, careful, capable, and articulate or as disorganized, careless, incapable, and barely able to communicate depending on the quality of your emails. You can learn how to write emails that make the best impression on your readers and accomplish your goals. Clear, effective email will help
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You want your email writing to be as correct as you can make it for three reasons: It ensures readers are receiving the message you wanted to send. It impresses readers with your attention to detail. It shows readers you are educated and intelligent. If your email writing contains errors, your team members, managers, clients, and vendors may believe you’re uneducated, unintelligent, careless, or incompetent. This writing training will teach you to proofread email effectively.
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Enrollments in the online business writing courses are the strongest indicator of which online writing courses are evaluated well by graduates. These are the 10 highest ranked online writing courses from the 45 Business Writing Center courses. 1. Business Writing Skills The highest ranking course is the Business Writing Skills course. It teaches the best practices business people must know to be able to write clear, effective, professional business writing, especially email, memos, letters, and