How to Get the Support Answers You Need ...

In ONE Email

The following note to support won't get her the help she needs...

"The system doesn't work! Send me a new username and password."

The support person won't know what the problem is.

Is the username typed correctly? Do you get in but the system won't start? Is it some other problem?

Give support the details. Let them figure out what the problem is and what to do. It may be something you never thought of.

Giving them details lets them analyze all the possibilities.

She should write, "I put in my username, june_lee, and password 2klB-T. I pressed "Enter." The username screen came on again with blanks."

The support person doesn't have to go back and forth asking questions to find out what she saw and did. He can go straight to the solution.

In five minutes, the support person sends an email: "Your username is june.lee, with a period in it. Try that and let me know if you get in." 

It worked. She let the support person know the details. He solved the problem. It took only one email, five minutes, and no frustration.

To get support answers with ONE email, 1. Be courteous. 2. Describe the device, system or procedure. 3. Describe specifically where you had a problem. 4. Describe what you did before the problem. 5. Describe what you saw or heard after you did it. 6. Describe anything you did to try to solve the problem.

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