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Use Key Words Consistently in Report Writing

In business report writing, words represent concepts. For example, this is the opening sentence for a block of information in a business report: "Holding training sessions in several remote sites would be better than bringing people in from the field to the home office." These are the key words: training sessions, several remote sites, bringing people in from the field, and home office. Once you open a concept using a word, you must not change the word because the reader may assume that a new word means a new concept. That will create confusion. This business report writing training focuses     Read More . . .

Format Headings for Clear Report Writing

In your business report writing, use headings to open blocks. Headings are your fulfillment of the contract with the reader. In the statement of contents, you agreed to explain certain information in the business report. The main point sentences state, one topic at a time, the part of the statement of contents contract that you are fulfilling; the headings introduce the main points in good business report writing. Business Report Writing Tip 1: Use the same key words in the headings that you used in the statement of contents The clearest business report writing uses headings containing the same     Read More . . .

Write Clear Introductions in Business Report Writing

The importance of the introduction in business report writing The beginning of a business report is the most important position because it prepares the reader for the rest of the business report, sets the tone, and has impact. Use the strategies explained in this lesson in your business report writing to write introductions that will give your reports impact and make them successful in accomplishing your goals. The business report introduction should be short and to the point. It should not include details. You will develop the details for the body of the business report. The introduction to the     Read More . . .

Best Online Report Writing Training Courses

Business Report Writing Skills (BWC421) Business reports course teaches the best practices for writing business reports Taught by a business college PhD professor Self-pacing All business reports course materials online Many business report writing exercises Activities to practice writing clear business reports that have impact Easy-to-understand lessons A wide variety of business reports examples Five writing examinations of sample business reports Business reports course materials stay online after graduation for later reference Tuition: $295 See instructor credentials Coaching, Tutoring, and Training from Dr. Robert Hogan Robert Hogan, PhD, is an accomplished business-writing trainer with over 40 years’ experience     Read More . . .

Use Readability Tests to Check Your Report Writing Health

Evaluate the readability of your report writing regularly. Overly simple report writing may put off your reader and fail to convey the necessary information, while overly complex information can confuse the reader. You must write your business reports so clearly that 100 percent of the readers understand 100 percent of your business reports 100 percent of the time. The average businessperson comprehends at the 9th to 10th grade level.  The average American adult comprehends at the 8th to 9th grade level. More than 20 percent of average adults read at or below the 5th grade level. Report writing that has     Read More . . .

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