Lesson 7 Activity

For each information block, write an explicit opening statement the reader can use to begin putting the block’s details into a framework.

Readers must know the content of each block of your writing from the first word. They should not have to read the first sentences to find out what is in the block. In explicit business writing, open every block with a statement of the contents.

You may have a tendency to avoid being explicitly clear in the openings. You are required in this training program to write openings that are so clear they cannot be misunderstood. That means you must state them directly and unambiguously:

“The first reason . . .”
“The section that follows explains . . .”

What You Will Submit to Demonstrate Your Competence

If you have written a technical document for non-technical readers, use it for this activity. Follow the instructions below.

If you have not written a document for non-technical readers, use the document in the previous lesson in which you identified the blocks in a sample of text. Open the Word file with the the sample and follow these instructions.


  • Use the key terms you highlighted to suggest headings for each of the blocks. You may regard the blocks as too short for headings. For this activity, you are only practicing making headings, so don’t be concerned about whether you would actually use them in the text. Write the headings above the blocks.
  • Write an explicit opening sentence at the beginning of each block. Use the key term for the block in the opening sentence. The skill you are demonstrating is being able to open blocks and use the key terms in the openings. Don’t worry about whether you would leave them in the text if you were actually writing the reports.

Submit your assignment in a Word document you send to assignments@businesswriting.com.