Lesson 3 Activity

Include everything every intended reader needs to achieve your objectives.

To write clearly for the non-technical reader, you most provide exactly what readers need to understand the concepts, with no unnecessary information. Too often, a report about a technical subject is so dense with irrelevant information that the reader doesn’t finish it, or it is so incomplete the reader doesn’t have enough information to understand it.

What You Will Submit to Demonstrate Your Competence

Use the guidelines in this lesson to submit one of the following:

  1. If you are writing documents for non-technical readers now, choose one report you have written and write the following in a Word document:
    1. Your objectives for the report
    2. Your analysis of these readers
    3. Your notes for the report
  2. If you are not yet writing documents for non-technical readers, write about the following case study in a Word document.

Practice Case

You have been asked to explain how to use Word’s “cut and paste” function to a group of employees who are computer illiterate. They do not use Word and have used computers very little. Your procedures must be so clear they cannot misunderstand them.

In a Microsoft Word document, write the following:

  1. Your objectives
  2. Your analysis of these readers
  3. Your notes for the procedures

You do not need to write the procedures now.

Submit the document attached to an email to assignments@businesswriting.com.