Lesson 2 Activity

Provide information that suits the reader’s knowledge of the subject, educational background, technical expertise, need for concrete explanations, and need for depth of knowledge.

Knowing your readers is critical to writing clearly for non-technical readers. Learn to consider each of these factors as you think about those for whom you are writing:

  1. The reader’s knowledge of the subject in each objective
  2. The reader’s educational background
  3. The reader’s technical expertise
  4. The amount of concreteness each reader needs to be able to understand and act
  5. The depth of information each reader needs

What You Will Submit to Demonstrate Your Competence

Use the guidelines in this lesson to submit one of the following:

  1. If you are writing documents for non-technical readers now, write a Word document with a statement of who your readers are and your analysis of those readers.
  2. If you are not yet writing documents for non-technical readers, specify in a Word document who the readers will be for whom you will be writing and analyze them. Submit the analysis in a Word document.

Submit  your Word document attached to an email to assignments@businesswriting.com.