Lesson 11 Activity

Include everything every intended reader needs to achieve your objectives.

As you write, watch for concept words and think about whether the intended readers will understand them. If you have any doubt, don’t use the word if possible; use the plain English alternative. However, if you must use the word, define it clearly when you use it and include words that help to remind the reader of the meaning of the word when you use it again.

Use the same document you used for the previous activity. Leave the yellow highlighting in it. Identify any key terms you introduce that you don’t define clearly. Highlight them in cyan (blue green). You may not identify any if you have been careful to define the key terms. End with an analysis of how well you define key terms. Decide whether you really needed to use any key terms highlighted in yellow or cyan and whether you could have used a plain English alternative.

Submit the document with your analysis to your instructor.