Lesson 10 Activity

Use key terms consistently.

Use the same key terms for concepts throughout. Don’t change them. High school teachers have told children for two centuries not to repeat words. That is true for words that don’t carry important meaning, such as “also” or “in.” However, business people have carried the admonitions from their English teachers into business and have extended the practice of avoiding repeating words to the key terms for important concepts. You must resist the urge to change key terms so you don’t repeat them.

Use the same key terms throughout, regardless of how often you must use them.

What You Will Submit to Demonstrate Your Competence

Evaluate a document you have written in the past. Use Word’s Highlighter function to highlight in yellow the key terms you use in the first three paragraphs. Trace your use of the key terms throughout the document. The key terms should occur repeatedly and they should not be changed. Highlight the key terms that you repeat.

At the end of your document, write your analysis of your use of key terms. Note especially any time you found that you change the key terms. Submit the document with your highlighted key terms and analysis to your instructor.