How to Have Word Display the Styles Options

If you don’t see the Styles pane, right-click anywhere on the ribbon at the top of the Word document.Click “Customize the Ribbon.” Make sure the Home box under Main Tabs is checked and click OK.

If the Styles pane still doesn’t appear on your ribbon, you can add the Styles feature directly by following the same steps as above and scrolling through the Popular Commands list to the left of the Main Tabs box.

Click “Styles”; then click “Add.”

If you get a message saying you have to create a new group, find the tab under which you’d like Styles to appear. Click it and then click New Group. Rename the group Styles. Then, give the steps above another try.

That action adds the horizontal toolbar above to the Microsoft Word Home tab. It also provides a more detailed popup menu on the right of the screen.