Compliment ~ Complement

This training aid will teach you how to decide when to use “compliment” with an “i” or “complement” with an “e.”

Rules and Examples

  1. Compliment means to say something nice about someone.
  2. Complement means something completes or works well with something else.

“I gave him a compliment.”

“His skills complement my skills because we each have different skills the other needs.”

“She is always fishing for compliments.”

“Our company’s capabilities complement the new acquisition’s capabilities.”

Memory Aid

“Compliment” has an “i” in it. You need an “I” to get a compliment, since only a person can receive a compliment. I don’t know about you, but I like compliments. So make sure you have an “i” to get your compliment.

“Complement” has an “e” in it. Easy fit! Fit with ease. Think of the “e” sound when you think of the word. It fits with “ease,” “easy,” and “please.” They all show something complements something else.

Compliment ~ Complement Quiz

Take this quiz to test what you have learned.


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