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Confusing Word Pairs in Business Writing

Writers and proofreaders consistently have problems with 25 confusing word pairs. The pairs are words that sound similar, but have very different meanings. Review the meanings of the confusing word pairs that follow. A quiz testing your knowledge of the correct use of the word pairs follows this explanation: accept – receive something, recognize a truth, or approve of something except – to leave out or exclude accessible – easily approached or attained assessable – […]

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7 Principles of Proofreading Business Writing Every Business Writer Should Know

Business writers often struggle with finding the time to proofread business documents, especially email. Typos and poorly written sentences show up in documents with startling regularity. However, the following seven easily applied principles for proofreading business writing can help business writers ensure their documents are error free. Proofreading Principle 1: Proofread all your business documents You already have too much to do. Every day, you experience continual interruptions, but know you have to complete your […]

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11 Important Rules for Using Commas

Commas indicate pauses in sentences so readers can easily digest information and keep distinct ideas separate. Improper comma use can have the opposite effect; it can lead to garbled sentences that, although they may contain the correct information, don’t flow properly. Comma Rule 1: Use a comma when two sentences are joined with and, or, but, or nor. When two complete sentences are joined with and, or, but, or nor, place a comma before the […]

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7 Important Rules for Correct Abbreviations

The seven important rules for using abbreviations will help you write abbreviations correctly. The rules and examples to help you follow. Abbreviation Rule 1 Always Spell Out First Names Example Incorrect Wm. Taft Geo. Washington Chas. Attwater Correct William Taft George Washington Charles Attwater Abbreviation Rule 2 Abbreviations of Titles Spell out titles when they appear with the last name only. Titles may be abbreviated when both the first and last names appear together. Abbreviate […]

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Best Online Business Grammar Training Options

Choose a Grammar Course to Fit Your Needs Grammar course listing is by tuition and depth of training Basic Business Grammar Course – Self-Study (BWC80) Grammar course for self-motivated learners who don’t want instructor coaching and training Grammar course includes grammar, punctuation, language, spelling, sentence structure, and word usage Pre-tests for the grammar course and each lesson. Post-tests for the grammar course and each lesson Extensive grammar course examples Online informative, easy-to-read grammar lessons Tuition […]

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