How Can Writing Workshops Improve Writing Abilities?

From the aspiring writer to the most experienced professional, the biggest mistake we can make is to stop learning and practicing. Whether we require a solid foundation around the basics of business writing, or we’ve hit a wall and need a fresh take and some inspiration, professional development is a must. At the Business Writing Center, we’re proud to have expert business writer and 40-year-experienced writing trainer Robert Hogan, PhD. as our online business writing workshop instructor. Well published in the business writing world, Dr. Hogan hosts several online writing workshops to suit any writer’s needs, from outlining the basics to sharing techniques and exercises that sharpen and round out their skills. For a sampling of the skillsets these courses help develop, read on. The essentials of effective business writing Business writing offers endless opportunities, but make no mistake, the genre demands a specialized understanding in order to earn ongoing writing work along with good, reliable pay. Through the “Basic Business Usage” writing workshops, students learn how to make their writing clear, concise, and accurate—all musts in the business world. This includes activities and feedback around the best grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and word usage specific to professional business writing. “General Business Writing” can serve as an introductory overview to professional business writing or as the perfect complement to “Basic Business Usage.” Each course is seven hours, including presentations and group activities, to develop stronger writing skills. Being the utmost professional is a must In business, something as simple as a poorly written email can cost an assignment or even a major client. There are very specific guidelines to writing a professional email, but also to effectively writing emails that stand out to the receiver amongst the pile of messages that are already sitting in their inbox. All writers can gain the competitive edge in The Business Center’s “Writing Effective Workplace Email” writing workshops. From email formatting basics to expert insider tips and professional guidelines, this course provides seven hours of instruction around generating the most effective internal and external business emails. Dive into niche project areas to differentiate your writing offerings For every writer, there are countless others coveting the same jobs. The trick to staying ahead of the competition lies in developing differentiated skills through specialized offerings a writer can showcase to clients. Business professionals rarely have the time write their own reports or letters, from design outline and formatting to final polishing and editing. When writers take the “Business Report Writing” and “Writing Clear Business Letters” writing workshops available online at The Business Center, they’ll have these bases covered, and they’ll have the skills to create stellar client work.   At the Business Writing Center, we’re passionate about helping fellow writers develop the valuable skills that get them to work, get them noticed, and get them paid. Our online writing workshops effectively teach the best practices companies and agencies use today. Our attendees leave fully capable to write clear, high-quality business documents that get the responses they want, and that they deserve as competent business writers.