Business Research Report Writing

Business Research Report Writing online Course
  • Teaches the best practices for writing business research reports
  • Taught by a business college PhD professor
  • Self-pacing
  • All business reports course materials online
  • Many business report writing exercises
  • Training in using sources and writing objectively
  • Activities to practice writing clear business research reports that have impact
  • Easy-to-understand
  • Lessons
  • A wide variety of examples
  • Five diagnostic writing examinations of sample business research reports with coaching by the instructor
  • Business research reports course materials stay online after graduation for later reference
  • Tuition: $295


The Business Research Report Writing course will teach you how to prepare business reports summarizing the results of your research for use by internal clients in accomplishing business goals. One specific example of such business report writing is the report that presents information about a potential customer to enable account representatives, marketing specialists, and strategic planners to enhance or develop a business relationship with the potential customer. The business research reports course will teach you how to decide what information is pertinent and how to summarize or synthesize the information into a coherent presentation without interjecting bias.

The online business report writing lessons contain clear explanations and many examples. You go at your own pace and submit assignments when you are ready. The instructor evaluates the business-report activities and examinations, comments on skills learned and skills that still need polish, coaches you through learning the skills, and certifies your competence. You receive a graduation certificate at the end of the course.

Course Time

You will go through the business report writing course at your own pace, so you could complete it within a few weeks. However, you have up to four months to complete the course so you can fit the study time into your schedule. All lessons must be finished within the four-month period.

Course Content

Diagnostic 1: Initial diagnosis of business report writing ability

  • Lesson 1: The client and audience
  • Lesson 2: Objectives and specifications for the business research report
  • Lesson 3: Methods of filtering and recording information
  • Lesson 4: Facts, conclusions, inferences, and judgments
  • Lesson 5: Paraphrasing, summarizing, synthesizing, and filtering objectively

Diagnostic 2: Writing business reports objectively

  • Lesson 6: Organizing
  • Lesson 7: Using guideposts for clarity

Diagnostic 3: Synthesizing and organizing business reports

  • Lesson 8: Writing clearly
  • Lesson 9: Bibliographic methods

Diagnostic 4: Complete sample report writing

  • Lesson 10: Editing
  • Lesson 11: Writing concisely
  • Lesson 12: Research report format and publishing
  • Lesson 13: Proofreading

Diagnostic 5: Final complete business report