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How to Write Email Readers Can Follow Easily

Business writers can learn how to write email that has impact. They just have to learn the following four key skills business writers are using today to write high-quality emails that have the effect on readers the writers want to have. Email Writing Skill 1: Use Key Terms to Make Concepts Clear for Readers. Words represent concepts. Once you introduce a concept using a term, you must not change the term because the reader may assume that a new term means a new concept. That creates confusion in email writing. For example, this is the opening sentence for a sample     Read More . . .

6 Tips for Being Concise in Email Writing

The more words in your email sentences, the more likely it is that readers will forget or distort the meanings of some of the words. Another consequence of using too many words in your email is that readers become mentally fatigued and bored with the text. Reading words, interpreting their meanings, and combining the words to form a whole message take time and energy. The following paragraph from an email contains too many words for the message: The first main prevention method that can help our company eliminate employee theft is to perform pre-employment screening of all applicants for positions     Read More . . .

Choose Vocabulary that Communicates in Email Writing

You can write emails that have the impact you want them to have. To ensure readers know, believe, or do what you want, you must communicate clearly to all readers. Your business vocabulary is central to successful communication. The average business reader understands vocabulary at a 10th grade level. That means some are reading at the 8th to 9th grade level. The average person in the general public understands vocabulary at the 8th to 9th grade levels, with some reading with the comprehension of an elementary-school student. If your business writing uses vocabulary suitable for an 11th grade or     Read More . . .

How to Write Paragraphs in Email Writing – 4 Tips

Businesspeople use email writing to convey messages that in the past would have been conveyed through speaking. When the message was delivered in person, the listener could ask questions to help the listener understand the message. The weakness of the email medium is that the receiver of the messages cannot ask questions. Email writing must be structured to convey the message so clearly that all readers will understand it at first reading without the benefit of being able to ask clarifying questions.An important tool the writer uses to ensure the email writing communicates immediately and clearly is the paragraph. Paragraphs     Read More . . .

Writing Email with Clarity and Impact – 21 Tips

These 21 tips for business email writing are the essence of the training presented in the Business Writing Center email course materials. Professional Email Writing Guideline 1 Follow good business email etiquette. Write business emails containing only content you would be willing to send to everyone involved. Don't write gossip, very personal issues, or sensitive issues in email. Business emails are commonly forwarded and circulated, so write as though everyone involved is going to read the email. Write nothing in business email with a hint of disparaging, slandering, or negatively referring to someone's gender, race, nationality, or other such     Read More . . .

Best Email Writing Courses Teaching Professional Email Skills

Writing Clear, Effective Email Course ‑ Self-Study (BWC35) Business email writing course for self-motivated learners who don't want instructor coaching and training Email writing training teaching email writing that has impact Dozens of interactive exercises on email writing training Business email course with many examples of effective business emails Online, informative, easy-to-read lessons in writing professional email Lessons in the email writing course from first draft to final draft Tuition $69 See the syllabus Syllabus: BWC35 Writing Clear, Effective Email Course (self-study) The Writing Clear, Effective Email course will teach you how to write clear, professional emails. The     Read More . . .

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