Awards, Reviews, and Recognitions

U.S. General Services Administration

The federal General Services Administration (GSA) evaluated the Business Writing Center’s courses and awarded the Center a GSA contract, placing the Business Writing Center in the GSA catalog of schools approved to train government employees.

Department of Defense

Unknown to the Business Writing Center, a Department of Defense team of training specialists enrolled as a single trainee in a Business Writing Center course. After the team finished the course, they informed us that they had given the training very positive evaluations and recommended that the Center be used for Department of Defense training.

Florida Health Agency

The Florida Department of Health examined the Business Writing Center’s courses and recommended that employees use the Business Writing Center for online business writing training. Employees may register and start immediately.

Investor’s Business Daily

Investor’s Business Daily interviewed a graduate of the Proofreading Skills course and wrote a review of the course and the online training.

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Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet evaluated the Business Writing Center’s courses. Six companies for whom the Center had performed training were contacted for ratings of performance and quality. All ratings averaged 90 to 98 on the 100-point scale for course delivery, including reliability, quality, personnel, support, responsiveness, and timeliness.

National Association of Legal Assistants

The Legal Proofreading course was evaluated and approved for 10 hours of non-substantive credit by the National Association of Legal Assistants.


HR-Wire, the online resource for human resources departments, published an article about the Center and our suggestions to help corporations improve the quality and clarity of their writing, especially e-mail.

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TechRepublic Article

TechRepublic is an online resource for IT decision-makers. TechRepublic published an article describing Business Writing Center resources available for IT professionals.

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